Bid Acceptance letter

Ms. Maria Ramsay

Chief Executive Officer

Ramsay Companies Pvt. Ltd

Dear Ms. Ramsay,

Hereby we are accepting your bid on behalf of Bright Anderson Pvt. Ltd, submitted on dated April 28th, 2010. We had a careful review of your submitted bid for our newly launched products. You can find the attached list of product with this letter. We have few terms and conditions in addition to start long term business with you. For this we have arranged a meeting of Chief Executive Officer- Sales of the both the companies to discuss every aspect of product and shipment in details.

It is requisite to bring legal agreement to sign along with other necessary documents from your side. Accordingly, kindly mail us your filled order to ship the first lot with immediate effect.

You may contact us on company landlines and direct department mailer: [email protected]

Looking ahead for a long term and fruitful business relation with Ramsay Companies Pvt. Ltd.

Yours Sincerely,

Mona Jones


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