A very warm welcome to you and your water-refilling business

December 19, 2011

Worthington Area School District
ATT: James Drury, Superintendent
14 Atherton Street
Manhattan, NY-10009
(123) 456-7890

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Dear James Drury,

A very warm welcome to you and your water-refilling business! Having you and your business in town now makes life more convenient here in San Isidro.
br /> We offer general cleaning services in this town. We have been keeping homes, offices and factories clean for 7 years now. We can tell you that San Isidro is really a profitable area to do business in.

The business owners of this town gather for a forum every month. The next gathering will be this coming April 30 at 2 in the afternoon. We really hope you can join us then. It would be a great chance to get acquainted with the rest of the businessmen in this area and learn from each other’s input.

If ever you need help in setting up your office and doing general cleaning work, just call me at 25252525. We can offer you a newcomer’s discount of 35% on our services. Feel free to call us as well if you need some information about this town. Thank you and looking forward to meeting you soon.



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