It is quite known to all of you that Bright Communications

December 19, 2011


403, 6th avenue

Montgomery, AL – 35112.

(659) 846 – 9466

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It is quite known to all of you that Bright Communications has sought the services of Personnel Unlimited, to conduct a study to determine the underlying reason for the high turnover of employees and the increasing number of absences since last year. It was found out that most of the employees are not adapting well to the results of the reorganization and find it difficult to adjust to rotating schedules. They also feel that they are not well compensated anymore and that they have no outlet where they could air their grievances or suggestions. This saddens the management because they really do value their employees and are grateful to each one for their respective contribution to the company.

Because of this, we encourage each one to please inform us if there are aspects of your work which you find to be unjust or highly inconvenient. You can send us an email to your respective supervisors and they will be the ones to forward it to the concerned managers. You can also go directly to the managers’ office and speak with them personally if they’re available. We value your comments and suggestions, and we value each one of you as a member of this organization.


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