There is a simple way to make MORE MONEY than you have ever

December 12, 2011


1234, West 67 Street

Carlisle, MA 01741

(123)-456 7890

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There is a simple way to make MORE MONEY than you have ever thought possible.

To find out this simple method all you need to do is to attend our FREE SEMINAR at the York Conference Center on Friday, June 7 from 11:00am.

One hour is all that it will take to discover the information that you need to make you richer than anyone you know. Wealth will quickly come to you. In the seminar we will show you all about:

*(list of main seminar topics)

It is a relatively simple process involving the use of stocks, so we will teach you the fundamentals of stock trading.

You may know nothing about stocks and trading but do not worry there is no need to have any prior knowledge. Give me a call on 873-3392 and you can reserve your place on the next seminar.

I know that you will not regret this opportunity.

P.S. The next seminar is to be taken by Colin Roberts, who is consistently recognized as the best speaker on the whole circuit.



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