With the Zero Interest Low Payment Scheme

November 24, 2011

Richard Anderson

1234, West 67 Street

Carlisle, MA 01741

(123)-456 7890.

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Dear Richard Anderson,

Ever dreamed of having your own bass guitar? That would be cool, wouldn’t it? But when you think of how much you would be paying for it suddenly snaps you back to reality.

Well that does not have to be the case anymore!

From June 1 to June 15, Guitar World will be offering a Zero Interest Low Payment Scheme for all kinds of guitars. You can have the guitar of your dreams for as low as $15 per month!

With the Zero Interest Low Payment Scheme, you get to choose in how many installments you wish to pay for your item. The initial payment will be taken at the point of sale; subsequent to that, payments will be done monthly, depending on your chosen scheme.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Guitar World and start strumming that amazing guitar! You won’t get a better deal than this.



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