When people don’t return our calls, I assume that our service is not needed

November 23, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-


When people don’t return our calls, I assume that our service is not needed, and I look for other prospective clients.

In your case, however, I’m making more effort to communicate with you because I believe that your company is in need of our driver service. Janice Dell told me that she is sure that our driver service can be a great benefit to your company. Because of this, she encouraged me to contact you and inform you that our company’s driver service is better than that of our competitors.

Our driver service will be beneficial to you because of the following reasons:

*Our drivers are highly trained and they are fully knowledgeable on the routes around our city. They can take you anywhere using the shortest possible route at the shortest possible time. *Our drivers are available on weekends, very early in the morning, or very late at night. Simply put, our drivers are available 24/7. *Our drivers are educated professionals. They can do other tasks for you other than driving. Like delivering documents to another company, picking up important papers, and such other tasks at no extra costs.

I wish to schedule an appointment with you wherein a driver from our company can take you for a ride as a demonstration of our company’s service. I will be calling you next Monday.


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