What a lot of people fail to recognize, however

November 25, 2011

Austin Parker

123, X Street, Y Avenue

Manhattan, NY-10009

(123) 456-7890

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Dear Austin Parker,

Everybody thinks that just because it is easy to understand a lot of the programs currently available, making presentations can be done by just about anyone.

What a lot of people fail to recognize, however, is that the point is not the creation of beautiful presentations, but of engaging and effective ones. We would therefore like to offer you a course in “Precise Presenting.” This does not only serve as a crash-course in identifying the best tools in various presentation software, as well as how to use them properly, but also helps participants understand how important it is to understand their message and craft the appropriate aids to get it across.

More and more companies are finding this very useful. In fact, they believe it has made their meetings much more efficient. Here are some of our satisfied trainees:


If you have more questions about this seminar, please contact Joey Alba at 434-3434. We will also be happy to send over a representative to give you a demonstration in your office. We look forward to hearing from you!



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