We heard that the Senior Accountant in your company

November 24, 2011

Samantha Drew

81, North 54 Street,

Clewiston, Florida, 03247,

328)-421 0569.
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Dear Samantha Drew,

We heard that the Senior Accountant in your company will soon be retiring. We understand that he was one of your most valued employees. Finding a replacement might prove to be a daunting task.

It might help you to know that Floyd Accounting Experts, an accounting firm here in Westchester, has been serving companies across the nation for almost 15 years. We have 35 highly skilled and highly knowledgeable certified public accountants in our firm. These accountants have dealt with all aspects of the accounting procedures in practically most, if not all, industries.

We hope we could have the chance to discuss with you our services. I am enclosing some information about our company for your reference. I will call you this Friday to confirm your availability for a meeting. Thank you and I look forward to serving you and your company soon.


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