The solution to PPs coding, reimbursement and billing has arrived

December 2, 2011


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Chicago, IL 60652

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The solution to PPs coding, reimbursement and billing has arrived. Use John APC Resource Book. It has all the information for you and your staff

* easy to use manual

*everyday tips

* PPs coding standards

You will also get a free CD- Rom with data to your billing activity. All of this is included in your subscription. You also get a full listing of :

*billing activity

*all your data in one place

If you subscribe now you will receive updates for the entire year on all the changes.

Subscribe now and save $50.

Avail this opportunity and save money. Order your John APC Resource book now. Also, we have a 100% money back policy.

If you are unsatisfied with our book, you can return in thirty days and get a complete refund.

With the John APC Resource Book, you will know the accurate APC codes at the back of your hand and shall be able to manage your complicated PPS rules.

P.S. Subscribe now and save $50. Call us at 111-222-111.



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