The recent survey of the National Office Federation shows

November 23, 2011


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Is your office chaotic due to too many papers?

The recent survey of the National Office Federation shows that three out of four office have severe paper-load problems costing them thousands of dollars every year.

But be assured that you can get rid of that paper-load problems just by using Zane Office Organizer CD. It is the latest, template-driven system designed to organize your loads of paperwork into just a single CD. Just imagine how much you can save with Zane Office Organizer CD. Not only is it template-driven. It also has an efficient back-up system.

Try Zane Office Organizer CD, and you will experience all these benefits:

*Organized employee information records with automatic payroll computations *Template-driven client information with individual and group listings *Organized and updated accounting records

– and so much more!

Many corporations already got rid of their old paper systems and used the effective and efficient Zane Office Organizer CD. Why shouldn’t you?

In order for you to have a taste of this great office tool, we are offering you a FREE evaluation of your office’s paper load. After which, we will show you how Zane Office Organizer CD will lighten your paperwork and will save you a lot of money.

I will be calling you early next week to schedule the FREE evaluation.

P.S. You will be pleased to know that Zane Office Organizer CD will cost you less than hiring one new employee for a month.


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