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November 30, 2011


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Thank you for your subscription to DIY Unlimited magazine. We certainly enjoyed being with you for the past year!

Now that your current subscription is about to expire, we would like to remind you to send your renewal form as soon as possible. After all, the upcoming issues promise to be even more interesting and helpful than the previous ones. This year, we are introducing the following special columns:


With these new offerings, we are sure that you will constantly be engaged and even start to think of new projects for your home. To help you do just that, we are offering you the new and improved subscription packages, as well!


For faster renewal, you may simply speak with one of our representatives by calling us at 434-3434. We will be more than happy to accommodate your call. If you do so within this month, you can automatically enjoy our 15% discount promo. Renew today!


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