One of the things both old and new companies

November 29, 2011

Joseph Hall
1902, X Street, Madison Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90001
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Joseph Hall,

One of the things both old and new companies struggle with is the flow of communication among departments. This can be a deep-seated problem that even the most determined HR Departments can struggle with.

This is where we come in. We have gathered the best process improvement and organizational communication practitioners in the country to share their strategies for breaking through the most daunting of obstacles in inter-department communication. This 2-day seminar will be held at the World Convention Complex on June 3 and 4. Get ready to participate in breakout groups for a more practical and hands-on approach to learning.

This seminar is open to all HR personnel. Contact us at 434-3434 for more details and for reservations.


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