Office supplies may seem like “little” things that don’t really

November 25, 2011


XYZ Company.

1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607

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Office supplies may seem like “little” things that don’t really take too much out of the budget pie. But when you put together all the pens, back clips, paper clips, staple wires, an other day to day necessities, times the number of employees in the entire company, you will come up with a surprisingly huge amount.

SID Office supplies can take that “minor” problem away. We carry all brands and all types of office needs. You can just call, email, or fax to us your ordered, and deliver the items on pre-agreed days. And there’s more– we take 20% off on the total amount of purchase every time you order! That’s a guaranteed way of saving for your company.

We are enclosing our company catalogue so you can look through our products and their prices. I will give you a call this Friday to schedule an appointment. Thank you and we hope to be able to serve your office needs soon!


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