Now, you may organize your daily schedule effectively and efficiently

November 23, 2011

Mary Johnson Gray

27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326

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Dear Mary Johnson Gray

Is your daily schedule so difficult to organize? And you find yourself missing so many appointments?

Now, you may organize your daily schedule effectively and efficiently by using Zane’s Digital Organizer. This is a very helpful tool used by hundreds of very successful executives.

Zane’s Digital Organizer runs on lithium batteries that can be easily recharged by a built-in charger. The Digital Organizer has a 24-hour battery time. You can also change and personalize the Digital Organizer’s theme to suit your tastes.

Zane’s Digital Organizer assists your professional life by:

*Reminding you of your daily appointments minutes or even hours before, depending on your preference, so that you can prepare for them *Acting as an alarm clock to wake you during your power naps at work *Allowing you to save your contacts in its built-in directory which you can organize by Company Name or by the person’s last name. If you want, you can even organize your contacts by nicknames *Utilizing it prediction AI to predict your weekly routines or habits without you having to update the organizer every week

Because we are so sure that Zane’s Digital Organizer is what you should have to make your work life easy, we are giving you a very special offer.

We will send you the organizer and you can use it for FREE within 30 days. You can check and see if the Digital Organizer works for you. Once you decide to keep the product, you will only pay us $35. You can save $12 from its regular price. However, if you realize that you will not keep it, just return the organizer to us at no extra obligation on your part.

Simply fill out the attached reply card and send it back today. The special price is only good for 10 days.

Do you not deserve a great organizer? Act today!

P.S. If you order right now, we will send you a FREE booklet entitled “Managerial Planning for Busy Executives”. This booklet has several tips from successful businessmen from all over the country.



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