Last January, you ordered DVDs and CDs from Daly’s Computer

November 28, 2011

6901 West Main 26 Street
Urbana • Illinois, 61801
Cell: 257-409-8975

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Subject: Computer Accessories

Last January, you ordered DVDs and CDs from Daly’s Computer Accessories Catalog. This is an invitation for your to check out our online store where you can place your orders.

Visit our online store at and check our latest promos. We have a wide selection of computer accessories at very reasonable prices. There are also products which are only available online. These are as follows:

1. Computer Case Combo, which includes: Computer Case, Mouse, Keyboard, and Speakers at $49.99 2. Daly’s 24-inch Widescreen Full HD Monitor at $99.99 3. Daly 2GB DDR3 320GB HDD Laptop at $299.99

If by January 30, you can order online, you receive an additional 10% off from the sale price.

There is no problem if you want to have your orders right away because we can ship your orders within 24 hours.

Visit our webs site today and select from our wide variety of products. Order right away – and don’t forget the additional 10% discount if you can make your order by January 30!


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