If you like playing strategy games, chances are

November 29, 2011

Mary Johnson Gray

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Dear Mary Johnson Gray,

If you like playing strategy games, chances are, you’ve seen them all — or so you think.

New Society is a brand-new game developed by iTech, the leader in gaming technology. It’s not just a game that allows you to create your own characters and allow them to interact in a world that you’ve created. The great thing about this game is that you can choose the level of involvement that you have in the construction of the city.

This means that you can either work on the level of an individual, a specific sector of society, or control the relations of your community with other communities. You can determine economic and political models if you wish. It also comes with these interesting features:


You can do virtually anything you want! The software comes in CD format but you can choose the online option to hook up with other players for an even more multi-dimensional experience. All of this for just $35.00. You know you gotta get it now!


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