I’d like to inform you that Platinum Financial Inc

December 6, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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I’d like to inform you that Platinum Financial Inc. has special mortgage rates that you may and should be very interested in. Taking advantage of the mortgage loans we have to offer can really save you a lot of money on the payments you make monthly.

What’s more is having a low mortgage interest rate can decrease the payments you make on equities, car loans, and even your credit cards! Wouldn’t that be such a positive change!

To learn more about this, just give me a call at 333-3333 so I can provide you with a free quote for your mortgage loan. This will not obligate you in any way. Just make sure to provide me with necessary information like the current interest rate that you have and an estimate on the current market value of your house.


I eagerly anticipate speaking with you soon.



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