How about if you could do that by taking out a loan with Platinum

December 6, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

(618)-461 1055

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Just imagine if all your debts disappeared.

Wouldn’t that make your life easier and your sleep more peaceful?

How about if you could do that by taking out a loan with Platinum Financial that would require you to make monthly payments of just $200?

Yes, just $200!

You’ll finally be able to pay off the debts you have up to $25,000 in just 42 months if you are able to qualify for the lowest rate that we have.

Just imagine yourself debt-free in 42 months! What a great feeling it would be!

Aside from being able to settle your debts, taking out a loan with us will also be an opportunity for you to make new purchases, go on vacation, redecorate your home, or do whatever you want to!

The application process is so easy. Just give us a call at 333-3333 and our loan agents will walk you through the entire process. After that, we’ll get back to you within 42 hours. You can have the money in your hands in a little less than 1 week!

Being debt-free is important for your financial stability and the security of your family. Take just 10 minutes of your time to achieve that by calling us today!

This offer won’t last forever so please get in touch with us before the week ends.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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