Do you find yourself in need of a film lab that’s quick and reliable

November 25, 2011


1237 Main Court

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Cell: 243-543-6767

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Do you find yourself in need of a film lab that’s quick and reliable? You may be looking for something like Floyd Film Developing. Our customers have been all praises about our services. They have been saying things like:

“Kudos to Floyd for such great prints and really fast service. From the moment I tried your services, I swore to myself that I won’t be looking for any other film developing but Floyd Film Developing!” (Sarah Adams, Texas),

“Thanks to Floyd Film Developing! I can always count on you for fast service and the best prints!” (Jackie Lopez, Arkansas)

So be like those customers who have been enjoying our benefits like fast processing, high quality prints, lowest rates, and excellent customer service.

So when you’re done with that film, go straight to Floyd Film Developing. If you respond before June 1, you will have an extra savings of 30%! If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the results, we will gladly give a refund.



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