As the seasons change, so does the amount of pollen

December 5, 2011


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As the seasons change, so does the amount of pollen and dust in the air. The problem arises when all of these enter your home and you have family members with allergies. You don’t have to worry, though, because Breathe Easy Services can help you keep you and your loved ones safe from wheezing and allergy attacks, at least while you are in the safety of your home.

We start with an air quality assessment to find out how safe or unsafe the air is inside your house. We then identify all of the possible sources of pollution, such as clogged air vents, dirty air conditioning units, and even the plants in the surrounding area. With this information, we are then equipped with the knowledge of how to manage air quality inside your home.

Maintaining good air quality does not come about in an instant. This is why we offer packages that are good for three months or more. Find out more about our air quality improvement and maintenance systems by giving us a ring at 434-3434 today. We will be very happy to send someone over for a free assessment and orientation. We hope to hear from you very soon!



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