Are you really worried about your ward getting bored

December 2, 2011



1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607,

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Are you really worried about your ward getting bored for the coming four months after their school gets over? Don’t be. There is Jin day camps. We’ll provide a host of services for your child in only $50. You ward would be picked up by a bus, and can have fun all day long. We’ll even drop him/her back in the evening so that you have no worries. You have the right to choose your own days of schedule. It can be a regular feature or you can leave a few days in between. There are a lot of nice activities like dancing, yoga classes, rock climbing, toy building etc.

We have a well qualified support staff and we also have a doctor on board. So don’t worry about the coming summer season. Send your kids to the Jin camp. Ring us at 222-2222. If you make an early call, you will be eligible to get an early bird discount.



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