Are you currently aware of the amount of money

November 18, 2011

Justin Holloway

XYZ Company

1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607,

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Dear Justin Holloway,

Are you currently aware of the amount of money you could make from buying assets from businesses that have gone bankrupt?

Did you even know that it was possible?

To tell you the truth, not many do. This is why it would be the great time for you to get into this kind of investment!

Get all the  you need to start doing so by reading our book, “The Bankruptcy Goldmine”! It can be yours for just $14.99 if you send the order form we have enclosed today!

You can also give us a call at 1-800-777-7777 to process your order over the phone.

The amount you can earn from this type of investment is more than you can imagine. Start earning from bankrupt businesses today!



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