That fateful night still replays in my mind. I can still remember

November 17, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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That fateful night still replays in my mind. I can still remember how I turned the key to our door and had that strange feeling within me — that I would not find you inside our home. I was right. I found the note that you left telling me that you were ending our relationship and that you will be staying with your best friend. This happened over three weeks ago but I still have a deep longing in my heart every time I look at the table where you left your heart-rending note. Feelings of anger, sadness, and regret overcame me. I was thinking about your reasons for leaving me or the things I did to you which made you go. You’ve warned me before that you would leave me but I never took it to heart. The cruel reality of my empty existence without you made me contemplate on the things I did that forced you to go.

The foremost reason, I presume, is my terrible temper. When I am stressed or uncomfortable, I start saying hurting words at everyone around me. I have said sorry before but I will do better this time, my love.

I have already made an appointment with my doctor. I will tell him about my nasty temper. Probably he’ll give me some anti-temper pills. You’ve also been suggesting for quite some time that we need to see a marriage counselor, and I’ve refused for so many times. Right now, I’ve realized how closed-minded I was and I am willing and ready to see one. In fact, I am willing to do anything else to make our relationship work because I have already learned my lesson. I am aware that my lousy behavior is intolerable. Most of all, I am aware that I just cannot live without you. If you will grant me an opportunity, I promise you that everything will change for the better.

Even if I am not really expressive most of the time, I truly love and miss you. I hope you miss me, too — even just a little. I wish you will consider starting anew with our relationship. We can have dinner tomorrow night at Sardi’s to mark a new beginning. I believe that both of us have memorable moments at that place. I am planning to pick you up tomorrow at 6:30 PM. If you’ll consider giving me a second chance, just turn on the porch light. Otherwise, I’ll know that you are not yet prepared to see me, and I will just keep on going.

I miss you a lot.



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