Something about me has changed recently- I am happy.

November 17, 2011


81, North 54 Street

Clewiston, Florida, 03247,

(328)-421 0569.

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Something about me has changed recently- I am happy. My disposition at work has become better. My outlook on life has also improved. I smile more often and I even hum every once in a while as I saunter down the street. Even others notice the new me and they’re curious to know what caused this change. Simple – the answer is you.

I love being with you. I want to spend more time with you so that I can know you deeper. You motivate me to discover new things. I never imagined myself trying rock climbing. I am rather afraid of heights, especially with the idea of falling. Yet I surprised even myself when I was hanging halfway up a mountain and felt fascinated by it. I didn’t feel scared at all.

We have so many differences but we also have similarities. I am an introvert, while you are an extrovert. You enjoy adventurous outdoor activities while I prefer ordinary, everyday activities. We usually have heated discussions about our political beliefs but we also compliment each other in several ways. Our eccentric sense of humor is quite similar and we also have a similar passion to learn about fresh ideas. I also appreciate that we have respect for each other’s opinions even if they differ. We can converse nonstop one whole day and never run out topics.

I love you, and I don’t yearn to spend time with anyone else but you. I pray that we will get to know each other more and more and see where this leads. I am looking forward to our next date.


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