I know that you’re still at the office this late finishing up

November 17, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

(618)-461 1055

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I know that you’re still at the office this late finishing up on some deadlines, but I just wanted to share with you about my fabulous day. I was thinking that a short message won’t really bother you. I just encountered several reminders of you today. It all began when I rushed early in the morning to go to my taboo class. The instructor played the workout music and I smiled because it was Paula’s “Promise of a New Day”. Since we shared our passion for 90’s music last night, you came to mind right away. I’m impressed that you have such a cool taste in music! You even sang “No Limits” in the car during our first date. This got my heart racing this morning. My workout was absolutely fantastic!

In the office later that day, several of my co-workers commented on how I have been effective and energetic since I met you. I love being an architect and I was excited when you told me that you have a background in architectural drafting yourself. I am glad to know more about you each day. My excitement to the growing feelings I have for you not only boosted my performance at the office; it has also helped me improve my perception of life in general. You’re always on my mind, and this have made my days better.

During lunch, I was surrounded by cyclists when I was stopping for a red light. You came to mind again! Usually, I wouldn’t even notice them but ever since you taught me about biking, I became more attentive of them. I imagined you riding along with them in your bright orange biking outfit. I am fascinated that you have various interests and that you’re sharing them with me. We’re widening each other’s minds as we are spending more time with each other.

A close friend called me up tonight inquiring if I want to have dinner with a man she met. Actually, I am not interested in being with anyone else. I had to refuse my friend’s offer because we haven’t talked about seeing other people. Well, I simply told her that I couldn’t see anyone else right now because I am dating someone who is really intelligent. I hope you like spending time with me just like I enjoy spending time with you. If this is the case, should we see each other exclusively and see where our relationship will go?

It was rather amusing how you have made my day better without me even seeing you today. It seemed as if everything around me connects me to you. I think I’m falling in love with you, Kevin! We should get a break from office work and see a good flick tomorrow night. Do you want to watch “I Am Number Four” with me? Why don’t you call me and we’ll think of a common time?

I’m always thinking of you.



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