I can’t stop thinking about our date last Friday.

November 17, 2011

Austin Parker,
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890

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Dear Austin Parker,,

I can’t stop thinking about our date last Friday. At the risk of sounding a little strange, my mind seems to constantly replay everything that happened that night. I especially keep remembering how beautiful you looked when you answered the door. Everything was just so perfect about you – your hair, the cute dress you wore, and the equally stunning smile you had on your face. I knew at that moment that it was truly going to be an epic evening.

Unfortunately, my brain also keeps reminding me of how clumsy I was at dinner. I have to tell you that most of it was really because I was so nervous. It’s ironic to think that I was so stressed out at not wanting to slip up that I eventually did. But I want to thank you for not being too hard on me. You only laughed a little, after which I couldn’t help but laugh with you as well. But in spite of my clumsiness, I hope you still had a great time.

The moment that I keep going back to the most, however, is that walk we had down the Boardwalk after dinner. I liked that it gave me time to know more about you. The amazing thing is that the more I learned, the more my feelings for you grew. I hope that’s not too cheesy.

I’d really love to take you out again, sometime really soon. I hope you’ll say yes. I promise not to be as clumsy anymore. There’s this really great movie showing in the theater that I think the both of us would really enjoy. I’ll give you a call soon.



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