From the moment I knew you, I haven’t been the same.

November 17, 2011

David Harris

609 West Main Street


New Mexico, 87109

Cell: 237-409-0198

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Dear David Harris,

From the moment I knew you, I haven’t been the same. Being with you makes me a better person and helps me see the world with a brand new perspective. I’m pleased that we have several things in common but I am also excited that we have differences. These differences broaden our horizons. I didn’t give classical music a lot of thought before but when I met you, you taught me that it can give depth to my life. I’ve even bought Bach’s “Brandenburg Concertos” on CD so that I can play it while I’m driving. Are you enjoying the Owl City CD I gave you? My supervisor also noticed the changes in me. He told me that I’m more creative in my work and that I am more energetic.

I have to admit, I am falling for you. Going out with other ladies seems meaningless now. I’ve already met the one for me. Seeing you or even just talking to you over the phone completes my day. Can we have dinner on Saturday night to bring this relationship to a new level? We can watch a movie afterwards. I will call you and we’ll have a talk.

Missing you.



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