A month has passed when you called my phone at work saying

November 17, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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A month has passed when you called my phone at work saying that you moved out. Even until now, I still couldn’t believe what happened between us. I find it hard to accept that you left me. When you moved out, I was angry at first thinking about how you left without saying goodbye to me personally. That was the reason why I haven’t corresponded with your earlier. But I definitely missed you — a lot.

I’ve spent a lot of time assessing our relationship over the past few weeks, and I finally understand why you had to go. I hadn’t been spending enough time with you. I am aware that I promised to shorten my hours at work, and I really planned to do so. You’ve told me for so many times we didn’t seem so connected, and I guess, you were right. If you hadn’t brought me to my senses by moving out, I might have kept on with my life as it was these past few years. My life revolved around the law office, and I was literally “living” there. Plus the fact that I am volunteering in the public attorney’s office, law had become my whole life.

I’ve come to know, better than before, that even though I love the legal world, you are more valuable to me compared to my career. I’ve discussed my overtime with my Senior Partner, and he agreed to reduce my work hours each week. My volunteer work at the public attorney’s office will also be shortened to a few hours every week.

You told me that you love me and that it is not in your heart to end things between us. This gave me hope that you’ll give our relationship another chance. You are my world, and I swear to prove it this time. I have learned from the error of my ways, and I will not ignore you ever again. You deserve all the best, and I will do all I can to give it to you.

I love you with all my heart, and I am so sorry if I hadn’t shown you that love. I am willing to do things better between us if you’ll consider starting over. I’ll start by cooking your favorite dish – pasta with lamb ragu – and, of course, any dessert you want. I hope we can be together this weekend. Just give me a call. ^^



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