In your stay here at Zed Inc., you have been producing

November 10, 2011

Mary Smith

69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City,

California 84301

Cell 🙁 988) 598-1331


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Dear Mary Smith,

In your stay here at Zed Inc., you have been producing very good work which I really appreciate. However, there have been several instances in reports of your very extravagant use of your company expense account. You have constantly been spending more than your company allowance and have been charging very large amounts of money to the company account. You are well aware of your limit in this regard since we have already discussed this issue once before in one of our meetings. However, you spending behavior has continued and even intensified.

If you will not be able to meet with me or give me a letter by 4:00 on Friday explaining every detail and reason you are doing this, I shall have no choice but to terminate your contract with us. I am expecting a reply from you withing the week.


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