I proudly recommend Eve Sandler as Shift Supervisor

November 7, 2011


2365 S Mayfield Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Cell: (123)-555-1234


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Employment Assessment Committee:

I proudly recommend Eve Sandler as Shift Supervisor in your company. She has worked for us as a Team Leader for 3 years.

In the whole time that she was with us, she was able to motivate her team members, in effect decreasing the number of absences and tardiness as compared to when she was not yet working for us. She enforced policies which are beneficial to both company and employee and more importantly, she can also relate well to both her subordinates and her managers.

Ms. Sandler, however, has informed us that she would like to explore new horizons. She wants to try new experiences and a new environment. I then highly recommend her for the above-mentioned position in your company. Should you feel the need for more information about Eve, feel free to contact me at 567890.



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