I had the privilege of working with Eve Sandler 5 years

November 7, 2011


456, X Street, Y Avenue

Philadelphia, PA-19103

(123) 456-7890

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I had the privilege of working with Eve Sandler 5 years ago when she was offered the position of Administrative Manager in Rainbow Enterprises. We had just moved to a new office back then and everything was not really in place that time. When Eve was hired, things were sorted out systematically administrative wise and we had her to thank for that.

Eve enforced rules and policies that ensured work transactions are organized and well ordered. She also constantly made sure that office supplies and materials are sufficient and that the overall office condition is excellent.

What is also most admirable about Eve is that she leads by example. The change and improvement that she wants in the organization, she starts within herself.

The best thing about Eve is she treats the office like her home, and her colleagues like her family. Her intentions and desire for progress does not just stop within herself; she always looks out for the welfare of the company and its employees.

If you will hire Eve Sandler, you are bringing a truly loyal and hardworking addition to your organization.


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