Jessie empathized with the fact that our one year

November 6, 2011

David Harris

609 West Main Street


New Mexico, 87109

Cell: 237-409-0198


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Dear David Harris,

Knowing who to trust to service your air conditioning unit is tough. I faced this dilemma last summer when the temperature outside was resting easily at the 90 degree mark. One morning my wife and I woke up sweating and uncomfortable. I checked the thermostat and realized that the unit had gone out overnight. I worried about the cost but knew a solution was needed right away!

A friend of mine recommended Allen Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning. I called them and explained the situation. We set up a time for them to take a look at the unit and I put pencil to paper, trying to figure out how to pay for the new unit I was sure I was going to need.

Jessie Allen showed up that day, a smile on his face and a clipboard in his hand. He took a look at both the inside and outside units, explaining everything to me as we went along. Sadly, the unit was beyond repair.

Jessie empathized with the fact that our one year old granddaughter was staying with us and promised a new unit within the next 24 hours. He also offered me a financing program with excellent terms through his company. I was floored! His quote had been reasonable enough but now he was offering me the ability to pay out the work! And, that work was going to be done quickly!

A day later, cool air was blowing again and everyone was happy. Allen Brothers did everything they promised and they were friendly the whole time!

My advice to you is to put Allen Brothers in your speed dial! They will more than do the job for you!



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