The tax system review is of top priority

November 5, 2011



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The tax system review is of top priority for this year’s agenda. Speaking from my own desires for the tax system I would like to suggest that the level of taxation be reduced. Value added taxes should also be more economically liberal. And most importantly, the tax system should be made more understandable to encourage the support and cooperation of the citizens.

I believe that the improvements which I stated earlier are beneficial to the majority and would most like gain support from the public. We are all one in our desire to maximize the taxes collected yet at the same time not leaving the people shortchanged.

Please do make the most of your intentions and efforts for an effective tax reform. Keep working on it as what you have promised during the campaign. I believe you are a man of integrity, and I look forward to the change that we have all been wanting to see in the government’s tax system.


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