The materials mentioned above are products

November 5, 2011

Andrew Hall
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Philadelphia, PA-19103
(123) 456-7890

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Dear Andrew Hall,

I have read through your stand on the ordinance that implements the ban on anti-government films, books or documentaries. Firmly, yet with due respect, I disagree with the proposal.

The materials mentioned above are products of creative minds that intend only to express how they feel and how they see the system as a whole. It does not specifically reflect their opinions about particular persons but the government in its entirety. Banning their works is an outright disrespect and violation of one’s freedom to express himself.

Another thing that needs to be stressed out is the more we keep something from the public, the more it will stir their curiosity. People will be ignorant of the realities of t if what he world if what they see and hear are focused only on one entity. So I suggest that we also give these films and books a place in society. People have his or her own judgment on the matter.


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