We are really sorry for the inadvertent mistake

November 3, 2011

Mary Johnson Gray

27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326

Tel. No: 123-649-88877

Email Address:[email protected]

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Dear Mary Johnson Gray,

We are really sorry for the inadvertent mistake that occurred in our Saturday ad. We were not aware of the fact that by mistake the price had been advertised for the radio set as $100 instead of $400. The corrected advertisement will feature in the next day’s edition.

I realize that this is rather disappointing for all of those who were enthusiastic to buy it at a low price, but simultaneously you can realize as well, that it is not possible for us to have a sale at that low a price. However, we are ready to give a $4 discount for all those who still would like to buy it at the price originally advertised.


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