As such I would be grateful if you can organize

November 3, 2011

Alyssa Bethenny Lachey
56 Thomas Apartments, Happy Street, New York, 52364
[email protected]

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Dear Alyssa Bethenny Lachey,

I purchased two bookcases from your York showroom last weekend. The items were delivered promptly although I was not there to take them in. The bookcases though are not the items I ordered and are totally the wrong color. I specifically ordered the bookcases in the color I did to match the rest of my office furniture.


As such I would be grateful if you can organize a pick up of the incorrect bookcases and delivery of the items I ordered. I would appreciate if this could be done in the very near future. Please phone me to arrange a mutually convenient time. I quick resolution would certainly help in getting my books in their correct place.


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