You gave me such a great time last week that I would like to return

November 2, 2011

Samantha Drew

81, North 54 Street, ]

Clewiston, Florida, 03247,

(328)-421 0569

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Dear Samantha Drew,

I really had a wonderful time with you at the art gallery last week. I didn’t know you knew so much about modern art! It was interesting to hear about your interpretations of the paintings and sculptures and I was quite impressed that you had such deep insight about them. I always thought that art was so abstract and difficult to understand, but having you walk me through it all made it comprehensible and, thus, enjoyable. I think that you actually instilled in me a new found appreciation and understanding for modern art and I’d really like to thank you for that.

Aside from your impassioned knowledge about art, I was equally impressed and moved by how sweet you were throughout the night. It was the small gestures, like opening the door for me and escorting me to my seat, that really touched me. So many people today seem to take those acts of kindness for granted and I’m glad that you’re not one of them. You really had a way of making me feel so special. I felt like I was blushing the whole night! I hope it wasn’t that obvious. Aside from that, you’re so easy to talk to! I feel like you really, truly listen to what I have to say and aren’t afraid to speak your mind either. I’m glad that we can be that way.

You gave me such a great time last week that I would like to return the favor by taking you out this weekend. I hope you’ll indulge in my request by saying yes. There’s this wonderful hibachi restaurant just outside the city that I would love to take you to. Aside from the great food, they put on a short Japanese cultural show during dinner to serve as entertainment. You did mention that you’re a big fan of Japanese food so I thought that this would be a great place to bring you to. Send me a message if you accept my invitation (and I really hope you do). I’ll be waiting until then.


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