Please forgive me for my awkward attempt

November 2, 2011



6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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Before I knew you, I never took notice of the world around me. But this morning when I went outside the door, I slowly breathed the fresh, spring air, sat peacefully on the porch swing, and bathed in the beauty of the world. When time brought me back to reality, I went to the office and tried to focus on my tasks, but I just couldn’t. When I used my computer, I saw your pretty face on my computer screen. When I took down notes, I wrote down your name instead. When it was time for lunch, our first date came to mind. I remember your playful laugh, your gorgeous smile, and your sweet smelling perfume. Your face haunts me everywhere I looked.

My world has changed from the moment I met you. The more things I learn about you, the more the beautiful feeling within me grows. This might be what poets, with difficulty, define as love. What fills my heart right now is that whenever I’m with you, I feel joyful and complete. I feel blue and empty when I am not with you. I impatiently wait for the time until we are together again.

Whenever I converse with you, I learn new things. The way you talk about Mozart one moment and Asian Cuisine in another impresses me so much. I was so inspired to learn that educating children is our common interest. I used to wonder if I was the only one thinking about such a thing but I am pleased to know that you also think that this matter has real merit. You are so full of enchanting surprises – I can never predict what new and amazing thing I’ll learn from you.

Please forgive me for my awkward attempt in trying to tell you how much I value our growing relationship. I’m hoping that you value our relationship as well. The women I’ve dated before are distant memories. No one else interests me but you.

I’ve decided to give you a surprise on our date this coming Saturday night. Please wear something formal. That’s the only hint that I can give you for now. I’m hoping you’ll be there. I’ll be calling you tomorrow night.


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