I was devastated when, after confessing to you how I feel

November 2, 2011


2365, S Mayfield Ave

Chicago, IL 60652

Cell: (123)-555-1234

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From the moment I began developing strong feelings for you, I knew things were not going to be easy to deal with. After all, I dated your friend for over a year and it was actually because of that why we met. Of course, when I was still with Dave I only saw you as a friend of his. But after he broke my heart and you were always around to comfort me and keep my spirits high, I think that was when I started seeing you in a different light.

I’m sorry if it seems like I somehow took advantage of the friendship you offered me. Please know that it was never my intention to make you feel that way. I know I shouldn’t feel the way I do about you now but sometimes we just can’t help whom we fall in love with.

I was devastated when, after confessing to you how I feel, you told me we could never be together. I was blinded by my emotions and I failed to understand how complicated the whole situation was for you, especially since you’re good friends with Dave. I know it wasn’t right that I lashed out at you the way I did. I should have put myself in your shoes and understood.

I feel terribly embarrassed by my actions and hope that you can forgive me for what happened that night. I miss having you as a friend and hope that in time we can make amends and become friends again.



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