First of all, I’d like to let you know how honored

November 2, 2011

Samantha Drew

81, North 54 Street,

Clewiston, Florida, 03247,

(328)-421 0569.


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Dear Samantha Drew,

First of all, I’d like to let you know how honored I am to have been accepted as a member of your team. I am definitely looking forward to working with you.

Before we proceed, however, I’d like to clarify something. During our initial meeting, we had agreed that I would be able to offset any excess hours instead of getting paid for additional work. However, this was not mentioned in the contract. Would it be possible for us to make the necessary revisions as soon as possible? If this privilege is no longer available to me, however, perhaps we can discuss this further. Please let me know when you will be available so that we can make the necessary meeting arrangements. Thank you very much!



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