We are open to your suggestions and ideas through

November 1, 2011


14, East 19 Street

Brighton, NY, 03267

(618)-461 1055


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We’re looking to redesign our store’s lovable mascot! We want him to be more hip, timely, and more reliable to our younger customers. We need your help!

We are open to your suggestions and ideas through a sketch of what you think our mascot should look like. Drop by our store and submit your entry, along with your complete name, address, and a description of your latest purchase from us. We will be awarding the winning submission with a whopping $1,000 gift certificate! We’ll also give you an honorable mention at our event to unveil our mascot’s new look. Think about it! You’ll have an eternity’s worth of bragging rights over the greatness of your design. Visit our store today and hand in the suggestion that could just make you $1,000 worth of products richer!



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