There are limited seats available, so if you desire

October 31, 2011


1237 Main Court

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060

Cell: 243-543-6767

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The world of technology is a fast-paced world, with each product evolving before you even get the chance to know about the one before that. Can you catch up?

You’re probably confident that you’re selling the best gadgets, electronics and the like. But quite frankly, others are doing so too. That is why owners or representatives from technology sales offices here in Westchester have confirmed that they will be attending the free seminar on technology. Perhaps some of those who will be attending are among your biggest competitors!

Floyd Technology and Westchester Business Authority will be sponsoring a free 5-hour seminar on latest technology trends, tips, updates, and more! This seminar is intended to help you understand technical documentation, understand digital electronics, and much more.

There are limited seats available, so if you desire to have an edge in the world of technology,then sign up for a slot in this free seminar.

Just register online at, or call 4444445. We look forward to seeing you then!



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