If you sign up with us in the next few days,

November 1, 2011

John Harrison

1234 Main Court

Santa Cruz • CA, 95060

Cell: 257-777-8989

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Dear John Harrison,

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! We share in your joy of motherhood and would like to become part of this wonderful stage of your life! We at Mommies Unlimited know the ups and downs and challenges of taking care of a newborn child, which is why we would like to help you ease through the process as much as possible with our new line of mother-and-baby products! In this way, both you and your precious child are pampered and well taken care of!

If you sign up with us in the next few days, we’ll also provide you with a one-time only sample of our latest night cream for free. This has been especially formulated to provide you with the perfect balance of nutrients and antioxidants, which are sure to give your skin a radiant glow! With this great product it’s sure that you’ll look just as great as you feel! All you need to do is tick YES on the card and we’ll have your sample shipped to you in 24 hours so you can start enjoying our special night cream as soon as possible!



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