School inquiry letter

Ms. Gool Garlanka

Basti Danishmanda

Jalandhar- 144002

March 2, 2011

Mr. Naresh Ghandi


Jalandahar Institute

Nakodar, Jalandhar- 141310

Dear Mr. Ghandi,

I read the brochure about your school on your website and I am highly interested in enrolling in your school to continue my undergraduate studies.  I would like to inquire about the process of transferring to your school since only a few information were posted in your website.
I am currently studying in a local school but our family will be relocating to Mumbai soon and I need to find another school to enroll in there.  I will be finishing the semeseter at my current school but I cannot continue my studies here since I have to be with my family in Mumbai to also help care for my mother who is sick.  I have good grades and I believe that I will be able to get recommendations from some of my teachers if necessary.  Please send a reply to the above address.

Thank you for your attention.


Ms. Gool Garlanka


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