More people use our equipment than any other brand

October 29, 2011


81, North 54 Street,

Clewiston, Florida, 03247,

(328)-421 0569.
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Many thanks for your recent questions about our complete line of camping equipment. I have attached a brochure that provides images of all of our current ranges and current prices. You may notice that our prices are slightly higher than some of our competitors but we are fully confident that the quality of all of our products is the best on the market.

More people use our equipment than any other brand and feel that our customer satisfaction ratings are indicative in themselves. We have never had to refund any disappointed customer when it comes to any of tents, backpacks or cooking equipment.

Please take your time in reviewing all that we have to offer and if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to call me on 445-4431.



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