I’m the editor-in-chief of an architectural magazine

October 29, 2011

Arnold Den

64, East 6 Street,

Lewistown, Montana, 03278,

(194)-465 0217


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Dear Arnold Den,

I’m the editor-in-chief of an architectural magazine named Buildings Today. I am presently reviewing articles for next month’s publication. One article I am reviewing has a quotation from one of your books. If you will give us permission to include your quotation, it will start from the second paragraph on page 16 with the words: “Some architectural works are considered as political symbols…” up to the third paragraph on page 18 that ends with the words “…but still, others opt for people-friendly designs.”

Attached is a photocopy of the aforementioned article, which we will be publishing once we receive your permission to print your quotation. We are hoping to have your response by March 15. I will be more than willing to mail one copy of the magazine where your quotation appears.

I am hoping to hear from you very soon.



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