As a company, Wickes takes the greatest interest

October 29, 2011

David Harris

609 West Main Street


New Mexico, 87109

Cell: 237-409-0198

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Dear David Harris,

Many thanks for your enquiry about our new products. I have enclosed a full catalog of all of our products that is to be sent out next month. It is a complete list of everything we currently make, and I have also attached an up to date price list. Our range of products does change with the development of new and existing technology, and as such I have taken the liberty of adding you to our customer mailing list.

The mailing list will ensure that you receive news of all of our new products as they become available. This will mean that you will not have to wait until the quarterly release of our catalog.

As a company, Wickes takes the greatest interest in developing new relationships with our customers so I offer a twenty per cent discount on your first three orders. I am sure you will find that we can meet all of needs in the future. If you have any further questions to ask please give me a ring on the number above.



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