Ms. James also confirmed that her students were ready.

October 24, 2011

Mather Smith
69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City,
California 84301

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Dear Mather Smith,


The Coordinator of the Physical Education Department, Mr. Mark Asher, began the meeting at 6:04 PM by asking Ms. Lian James to read the minutes of the 12 August meeting. These were approved by all present.

Mr. Asher then asked each teacher to give updates on the progress of their classes. Mr. Allen Sanz reported that preparations for the field demonstration of all classes under him have already been completed. He added that the only task left was to hold the technical rehearsals.

Ms. Lou Showles also said that her classes were ready. However, she expressed concern over the fact that some supplies were missing from the supplies room so a few of her students had to share. Mr. Asher assured her that new supplies have already been purchased and that the delivery was scheduled for 21 August.

Ms. James also confirmed that her students were ready. Mr. Asher then assigned her to take care of coordinating with the auxiliary personnel to ensure that all equipment would be ready on the day of the demonstration. She readily agreed to this.

The only teachers present were Mr. Asher, Ms. James, Ms. Showles, and Mr. Sanz.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM. The next meeting was slated for 24 August at 6 PM.



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