Kindly find time to visit the human resources

October 22, 2011


6901 West Main 26 Street

Urbana • Illinois, 61801

Cell: 257-409-8975

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We gladly welcome you as a new employee of Rainbow Corporation.

As previously discussed during the job offer, you will be assigned in the CRM Department holding the position of team supervisor. You will be reporting directly to Ann Tyler.

Kindly find time to visit the human resources office and fill out important documents associated with your position. You also need to familiarize yourself with the compensation and benefits available to you. Make sure to read through the employee handbook for more information.

We are also enclosing the second copy of your contract and work agreement. If you need some clarifications, please contact us right away. Once everything is understood, please sign at the bottom of the page and return it to us.

We believe you can contribute greatly to the company, and together, we can achieve so much for everybody’s benefit. Thank you so much.



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