I received my quarterly benefits report

October 6, 2011

Justin Holloway

XYZ Company

1234 Archer Road

Gainesville, Fl 32607,

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DearJustin Holloway,

I received my quarterly benefits report last week and realized my 401K is not being matched 50/50 as it should be.

Originally, I had only opted for the 20/80 split because that is all my company would contribute for the first year of my employment. Once I hit the one year mark (September 27th, 2007), I filed the proper paperwork to receive the 50/50 contribution.

My concern is that for three months, I have not been receiving the appropriate amount. Will I be compensated for this? Also, how long will it take for the correction to go into effect?

Mistakes are easily made but I know you will want to take care of the problem right away.



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